Time – Part II, a Short Story

Time Part I. Digitally Manipulated Photograph. September 2014. This image accompanies a three-part short story serial.

Time Part II.
Digitally Manipulated Photograph.
September 2014.
This image accompanies a three-part short story serial.


Stranded, and watching
the world crumble
the ability to reach out…

I made that vow
that left me
s o  a l o n e.

I wanted to love and to live
a s  m u c h
as a person could without

That end – the inevitable
made me sick with anxiety.

I resigned to witness the end
of everything,
to save my selfish self.

I deemed myself the
The Undying One,
and I agreed to eternal.

From a moments thought
“If I didn’t have to leave this,
I could love this.

That pact has seen
the rise of civilizations,
the death of millions…

All because I was afraid
to Die.

Not knowing
would be salvation.

If I still had a soul
I’d sell it
to change my mind…

And to turn back time…



The above is the second installment of a serial entitled Time. See Time – Part I here.

My purpose of these installments is to try my hand at a variety of creative writing styles, and to witness how each can be used to tell a story. The series was inspired by the prompts of Writing 101, a program conducted by The Daily Post. Because the inspiration was there and the time to complete each prompt individually was not, I have been merging them. This series was initially prompted by Serially Lost, and A Room With a View; this specific installment takes Be Brief and Give and Take (minus the twist) into consideration.

I’ve been writing these post off the cuff; setting myself deadlines a week apart, and constructing the installments only hours before posting them.

Call me crazy, but the pressure of the deadline entices me.

To recap with Part I, click here.


Stay tuned for the third and final installment next Friday!


I want to know: What would you sell your soul for?


Feedback is always appreciated.

Make something this weekend!



3 thoughts on “Time – Part II, a Short Story

  1. WOW! Very dynamic. It’s amazing the power that can be conveyed in such a short – when the message is concise. Did that make sense? It did to me, and I’m what counts (the reader)! Great poem and the “twist” could be construed as taking the story from prose in part I, to poetry in part II. I wonder what will be next? I can’t wait!!!

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