New Page: Ideology

The process of developing this blog is a challenging one for a techno-illiterate! So, as an update and for post-sake…

Content published on my new page Ideology:

Every individual possess an ability to create. We all have a unique inspiration, a unique approach, a unique process and a unique result. This overall development is our own: we all create in different ways and we all have a different mark. We create everyday — even if we are not aware.  Everything we do retains this creative trait, from signing our name to the spur-of-the moment words we speak. Through interactions with other individuals we create relationships. Through learning our course material for class or learning the ingredients to a new recipe and putting that knowledge into action, we are creating a new form of understanding. Whether we recognize it or not, it is this ability for creation that makes us human.

One does not need to be creating ‘Art’ to be creating. One could create a new filing system for work. One could create a new lesson for his or her class of kindergarteners. One could create a new circuit to connect Object A to Object B more efficiently. It is the process of purpose that allows for creativity. Art is not painting and sculpture, art is our approach to creation. Art is our approach to being and how we… be.

We are only ourselves, and we cannot possibly be someone else. We only create like ourselves, and we cannot create like anyone else. We can have our creative inspirations and our instructional mentors, but at the end of the day, we are left with ourselves and our own creative mark.


Just Be. Be Creativity.


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