TIME – Part I, A Short Story

Time Part I. Photo Credit : Instagram @bungus86. September 2014. This image accompanies a three-part short story serial.

Time Part I.
Photo Credit : Instagram @bungus86.
September 2014.

It has been a long time…

The tall grass, and the whistle of the wind across the dunes. The seagulls swooping at far-off schools, while the sun glistens in blinding flashes off of the swaying ocean tide. The smell of the salty air and the reek of the mucky marsh nearby intermingle in nasal passageways.

It has been too long a time…

The trace of her hair on the pillow; the way she insisted on drinking lemon tea and cayenne pepper ritually, turning the kitchen into a hot and spicy morning oasis, waking the senses, the mind, and the soul.

The memories began to fade a way, but I’ve been reciting them in hopes that they’ll stick around for another decade, at least.

I miss the stink of the garbage truck, the whirl of sirens speeding down the block, and the sound of the screaming children next door. I miss the inconsiderate upstairs tenant banging around at all hours of the night, allowing his dogs to clamor about clumsily and relying on the blare of the television to drown out his temper.

I miss the freeing sense of escape; I miss the ticking of the mechanized clock on the wall.

I miss the importance of that clock: the wasting of time, the treasuring of time, and the slipping of time…

Wood has rotted, buildings have crumbled, and everything is gray: gray to the touch, to the taste, to the smell, even the silence has the metallic ting of gray. The consuming silence of an empty world is too loud to bear.

It has been a long time without will, without life, and without love. The curse of the immortal soul: when care is forgotten and contentment rules. We all crumble like buildings and our souls rot like wood.

It has been too long a time…



The above was inspired by Writing 101, a program conducted by The Daily Post. In this short abstract story (that is what I am calling it because I am tempted to call it “poetry” and that scares me), I merged a few of the prompts together because the inspiration was there, and the time to complete them all was not: derived from Serially Lost, and A Room With a View.

Image credit goes to my big brother, he took the photo (of my father) and I manipulated it — you can follow my brother Jake on Instagram @bungus86, he is a PHENOMENAL photographer and a creative, enlightening soul.

Update September, 26: Check out Time – Part II!  The third and final installment will be posted next friday.


I want to know: How much time is a long time for you?


Feedback is always appreciated!

Joyous art-making



8 thoughts on “TIME – Part I, A Short Story

  1. Take a look at my blog under the drop-down “forms” and I’ll have a GREAT little anecdotal story posted there about passive tense. I didn’t write it, it was given to me by an elderly Lit teacher (It’s called “The Killer Be’s). It’s a good starting point for shaking up sentence structure without sliding into bad habits. I’m not at home now to get it posted, so give me a couple of hours. :)

    • Thank you so much for sharing that document — it has helped me tremendously! I actually have yet to write my installment of this story for tomorrow (I am a last-minute kind of gal), so I will be re-working this current installment to get those creative juices flowing!
      Thanks again for ALL of your help!

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