Coffe, camera, and a notebook.

Stop, Drop, and Be Grateful

I don’t think I’ve ever really made a New Year’s resolution — other than the typical “eat healthier” and “exercise more” standards, with a possible “be you, fiercely” thrown in. What makes this year different, you ask? Well, I’ll answer you: because I made my resolution before the idea of making a resolution even sparked.


Playing Catch-up

At the end of October, I took two weeks away from all of my commitments to travel, to attend a conference and to visit with family. It was a much-needed vacation; I relaxed, pondered my options and considered the next phase in my life.

Seeking Faith

I am about to embark on a journey of faith; not only of my own, but to seek the nature of faith: what it is, how it behaves, and how it makes people behave. Hopefully I will come out on the other end as myself, if not a better form of myself.

TIME – Part I, A Short Story

It has been a long time… The tall grass, and the whistle of the wind across the dunes. The seagulls swooping at far-off schools, while the sun glistens in blinding flashes off of the swaying ocean tide. The smell of the salty air and the reek of the mucky marsh nearby intermingle in nasal passageways. It…

Husky Puppy

Thank you, Muse!

I am addicted to my WordPress reader. It is true: whenever I open a fresh browser with the best intention of constructing a post, I am sucked into my reader and I disappear. Enough time passes for me to totally forget why I popped onto the inter-web to begin with. It is not a bad…

View of Lake Champlain at Dusk.

The Here and Now.

As I construct this post, the déjà vu does not surprise me. I’ve been here before, which is either a bad omen or a promising turning point. Despite the possible bad omen, I know this is a turning point: I’ve made momentous changes in my life since my last post, and I am pretty darn…

$5 thrift find, a trusty and hefty sewing machine from the 70's, 80's, or 90's.

The Beast and Me.

It has been quite a while since my last post — I’ve never been one to take the time to talk about myself, so it has been hard to get into the swing of it. I’m more of a ‘constant-inner-monologue’ kind of person… This post is mainly just an experiment: I’ve downloaded the WordPress app…

Fall Bloom.

Autumn has always been the season that makes me feel most alive. Maybe it is the foliage, the cool winds, or maybe because I am a Halloween-eve child; whatever it is, it makes me introspective and prompts me to live a bit more passionately. Despite my appreciation, I do not recall ever noticing autumn flowers…

Action Enlightened.

Above is a photocopy transfer with acrylic medium. I read about this super-cool technique and was fascinated. I cut up a few images from some old photocopied readings from college, and attempted the transfer onto a small canvas board covered in acrylic color. I absolutely love what resulted. Everything just came together perfectly. This is…


My biggest hurdle is starting a project when I can’t foresee the end result. I can knit a scarf, but my pattern told me how it was supposed to look at the end. I can draw the scene I see in front of me, but I have that scene for reference of how it should…

What is Art?

I have discovered that I don’t really know how to create. …That may seem a bit sudden and skittish, considering I developed this blog just a few days ago to trace my path towards creation and haven’t actually done anything yet. Let me assure you, all is right in my path! Personal reflection is the…