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Procrastination, for Dummies

Trust me — it is not as easy as it looks. You have to have stamina, a budding curiosity, and the will to achieve more than you have set out for. I’m talking about procrastination, people: one of the toughest games out there.

Have a Little Heart

Have a Little Heart

Valentine’s Day was more fun back in grade school — I liked to prepare Valentines for my classmates (and, of course, I gave the COOLEST one to my best friend), and I like to get them in return. It was mandatory for each student to give one to every classmate — even if you were fighting with whats-her-face and that kid in the back smelled kind of funny, you had to because it was the nice thing to do.

Coffe, camera, and a notebook.

Stop, Drop, and Be Grateful

I don’t think I’ve ever really made a New Year’s resolution — other than the typical “eat healthier” and “exercise more” standards, with a possible “be you, fiercely” thrown in. What makes this year different, you ask? Well, I’ll answer you: because I made my resolution before the idea of making a resolution even sparked.

Playing Catch-up

At the end of October, I took two weeks away from all of my commitments to travel, to attend a conference and to visit with family. It was a much-needed vacation; I relaxed, pondered my options and considered the next phase in my life.

Seeking Faith

I am about to embark on a journey of faith; not only of my own, but to seek the nature of faith: what it is, how it behaves, and how it makes people behave. Hopefully I will come out on the other end as myself, if not a better form of myself.

Time – Part III, a Short Story

        The above is the third and final installment of a serial entitled Time. See Part I, and Part II. As previously said, this serial was birthed out of inspiration from the Writing 101 program from The Daily Post.  With each serial, I wanted to approach the story with a different technique in mind… Part…

TIME – Part I, A Short Story

It has been a long time… The tall grass, and the whistle of the wind across the dunes. The seagulls swooping at far-off schools, while the sun glistens in blinding flashes off of the swaying ocean tide. The smell of the salty air and the reek of the mucky marsh nearby intermingle in nasal passageways. It…

Husky Puppy

Thank you, Muse!

I am addicted to my WordPress reader. It is true: whenever I open a fresh browser with the best intention of constructing a post, I am sucked into my reader and I disappear. Enough time passes for me to totally forget why I popped onto the inter-web to begin with. It is not a bad…

Cricket on a Sunflower; bug on a flower.

The Small Things…

It has been a busy couple of weeks… I’m taking on projects like a leaky skiff in high seas — but the ride is too much fun to turn back to shore. I keep telling myself that I have to learn how to say ‘NO’ when it comes to payment-free projects, but I can’t help but get swept away by…

Shed Mountain Ale in a Hand-made Knitted Cozy.

My Labor of Love: Handmade Cozies.

*November 22 UPDATE: In the time since I created this post, I have opened my own ETSY store, and you can find these cozy cozies on my digital shelf. Visit WildConceptions for purchasing information. When I wrote this post, I had links to purchase through Paypal. I considered editing this post or re-writing it, but…

View of Lake Champlain at Dusk.

The Here and Now.

As I construct this post, the déjà vu does not surprise me. I’ve been here before, which is either a bad omen or a promising turning point. Despite the possible bad omen, I know this is a turning point: I’ve made momentous changes in my life since my last post, and I am pretty darn…

Poetry, Prose, Collaborative writing by strangers.

Prose By 8 Strangers.

  I don’t remember the last time I went skinny-dipping. I don’t remember the last time I ate a pickle. I definitely remember the last time I was touched. I absolutely remember the last time I died. You were there, holding my hand, promising me anything, everything — a bike ride on your handlebars on that endless August day, your…