Time – Part III, a Short Story


Time Part III. Digitally Manipulated Photograph. July 2014. This image accompanies a three-part short story serial.

Time Part III.
Digitally Manipulated Photograph.
July 2014.
This image accompanies a three-part short story serial.




The above is the third and final installment of a serial entitled Time. See Part I, and Part II.

As previously said, this serial was birthed out of inspiration from the Writing 101 program from The Daily Post.  With each serial, I wanted to approach the story with a different technique in mind… Part I is a short story, Part II a poem, and Part III a combination of imagery and text. I set myself deadlines for each post, and only gave myself the night before (which, after procrastination, became only hours before) to create the next phase in the story.

Writing these post off-the-cuff has taught me much: not only have I discovered that I am more productive with a fast-approaching deadline, but, more importantly, I’ve learned to let things go. When I construct something too far in advance of a deadline, I allow myself time to fidget, criticize, and repetitively alter my work in an obsessive manner — I’ll alter to the point that the original idea is stripped form the final product, and the result is less than meaningful to myself.

This idea and the experience of time was the catalyst for this body of work… but I’ll let you decide for yourself, frame by frame, just how the story emerged to me.

This image for Part III was taken in July at the Bread and Puppet Theater in the North East Kingdom of Vermont. It is an awareness-based artistic performance that has been in operation since the 60s…. It was powerful, inspirational, and enlightening, carrying both sorrow and hope…. It brought tears in the reflection on our current situation, as beings on this earth using up our natural resources and engaging in capitalistic games and unnecessary wars. It made me think to myself: we have done this ourselves, because we are letting it happen…

Thank you so much for reading my serial! The first of many great experiments…

Feedback is always appreciated.

Make something this weekend!



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