Mary. Graphite on Paper. February 20, 2013

Graphite on Paper.
February 20, 2013

Above is a representation of my friend Mary from college. I worked from a portrait I took of her for an assignment for photography class a year or so ago. She was one of my favorite subjects to photograph.

Mary is a bubbly girl who grew up in Kenya, who often wore traditional African dress. She is truly a celebrator of culture, and all things spiritual — probably one of the most open-minded individuals I’ve encountered. At the photo shoot she danced, spun around, prayed, meditated, and posed in yoga form… Which made her photograph a great image to reflect on and draw.

I am happy with the image as it is, however I will probably work on it a bit more. I’m considering adding color; I feel the drawing could benefit from her colorful beads and her green eyes and dress…. But until then, I am happy with it!



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