Playing Catch-up

At the end of October, I took two weeks away from all of my commitments to travel, to attend a conference and to visit with family. It was a much-needed vacation; I relaxed, pondered my options and considered the next phase in my life.

My Cup of Tea, photograph.

My Cup of Tea: Manuscript Development

I once spent an entire day at the New Hampshire Craftsmen’s Fair looking for the perfect mug; any tea drinker will tell you, the mug matters. Similarly, any writer will tell you their editing team makes all the difference. Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the privilege of being a beta reader for a…


Shed Mountain Ale in a Hand-made Knitted Cozy.

My Labor of Love: Handmade Cozies.

*November 22 UPDATE: In the time since I created this post, I have opened my own ETSY store, and you can find these cozy cozies on my digital shelf. Visit WildConceptions for purchasing information. When I wrote this post, I had links to purchase through Paypal. I considered editing this post or re-writing it, but…