My Labor of Love: Handmade Cozies.

*November 22 UPDATE: In the time since I created this post, I have opened my own ETSY store, and you can find these cozy cozies on my digital shelf. Visit WildConceptions for purchasing information. When I wrote this post, I had links to purchase through Paypal. I considered editing this post or re-writing it, but it was so much fun to create that I didn’t want to touch it. I just removed the Paypal Links. Enjoy this post, I had a blast creating it!


Shed Mountain Ale in a Hand-made Knitted Cozy.

Your Beer Will Thank You: Shed Mountain Ale.
August 2014.


The other day at work, the girls and I were talking about one of our favorite topics: drinks. We challenged each other to decide: If I were a drink, what would I be?

It was a tough decision. Whisky? Close. Gin? Not quite. Tequila? I don’t want to talk about it…

Shed Mountain Ale in a Hand-made Knitted Cozy.

In Hand: Shed Mountain Ale.
August 2014.

Then it came to me. If I were a drink, I would be Shed Mountain Ale — a robust brown ale locally brewed in Vermont. Shed is a full-bodied brown with an edge to it: it is a bit sweet, but with a hint of bitterness; it is carbonated, but also on the creamy side. This duality was the decision maker: that’s it, that’s me.

I have been thinking a lot about who I am and where I am heading. It is the natural rhythm of life to be confronted by this pondering, and one of these intervals is coming up for me next month: I am turning 25.

I have many passions in my life, and multiple opportunities have emerged within the past few months, opening doors into my future. However, one thing has been placed on the back burner, yet again: creation.

I haven’t knitted in about a month. I have barely doodled. My paints must be lonely up on that shelf with no visitors…

I am so sweet on the fact that I have recently been provided many professional stepping-stones into my future, but I am slightly bitter about how I have yet to promote myself as an artist and a creator of HAND-MADE THINGS. (And the duality of Shed Mountain Ale emerges…)

So today, Labor Day, I am celebrating my Labor of Love: the handmade.

Shed Mountain Ale in a Hand-made Knitted Cozy.

Close-up: Shed Mountain Ale.
August 2014.

My all-time favorite things to make are cozies. Beer cozies are my go-to, but I have made these awesome huggers for containers of many sizes: coffee mugs, jam jars, Mason pint jars, 32-ounce jars, re-used pickle jars…

These cozies have taken over my life (and have filled my kitchen drawers) and have made their way into every facet of my on-the-go lifestyle. I truly do not remember a time before these awesome comfy cozies began hugging on all my travel-ware.

I’ve been holding onto these sweet gems for a while now, meaning to sell them someday, but I don’t have enough of a “product line” for a booth at the local farmers’ market; and I don’t have the drive to open a full-fledged Etsy store just yet…

(Update, November 22: I’ve opened an ETSY store, WildConceptions! Check it out here.)

So here it is, one time only: Indulge my Labor of Love, and get the handiest hand-made thing ever your hands and your favorite cold beer will thank you.

They are tightly knit and will keep your drink cool for an hour or more (unless you live in the Sahara). They are made from a hand-me-down wool-blend of yarn (thanks again, Grandma!), and have been pre-washed and pre-shrunk to perfectly hug your bottle. They are comfy in your hand, and will protect all of your surfaces with their built-in coaster bottom — you’re welcome. You will never consider any other cozy again.

Shed Mountain Ale in a Hand-made Knitted Cozy.

Bottom’s Up!!: Shed Mountain Ale.
August 2014.

The number one thing that I have learned living in Vermont is that hand-crafted beats manufactured, any and every day. Hand-made is celebrated, locality is favored, and the community is the top priority.

ANOTHER thing I have learned is that Vermont is serious about its craft beer; beers have won awards, have become legends, and have achieved a national and international following (ay, Canada?).

So celebrate the labors of your local brewery, and celebrate all of your hard work: buy a six-er, purchase one of my cozies, and treat yourself to a nice cold one at the end of your hard, laborious week.

Happy Labor Day everyone — don’t work yourself too hard.


DISCLAIMER: In no way do I support underaged drinking, or drinking to the point of drunkenness. Please drink responsibly, and take note that these cozies ALSO fit on all of your favorite cans and bottles of soda, and even those big tall-boys of coconut water. OH, HOW VERSATILE!



This post features the one, the only, Shed Mountain Ale. Thank you for your deliciousness, and your excellent modeling skills.

Shed Mountain Ale in a Hand-made Knitted Cozy.

The One and Only: Shed Mountain Ale.
August 2014.






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