Have a Little Heart

FeaturedHeartsI’ve never liked Valentine’s Day.

Perhaps it’s the social pressure of being sweet, romantic and sentimental — you’ll get enough sentimentality from me any day of the week: I am one of those people who has to fight back tears whenever there is a commercial about stray animals needing homes, or even paper towel commercials of a mother cleaning up after her kids with a huge smile on her face because, despite the trouble and huge mess they cause, she just loves the little tykes.

Seriously — paper towel commercials. No wonder I do not own a TV.

Despite my frustration, Valentine’s day is pretty necessary; sometimes someone needs a little reminder to express their love and appreciation for another person, whether it is the post-man, the milk-man, or just your partner.

Just kidding. But really.

Valentine’s Day was more fun back in grade school — I liked to prepare Valentines for my classmates (and, of course, I gave the COOLEST one to my best friend), and I like to get them in return. It was mandatory for each student to give one to every classmate — even if you were fighting with whats-her-face and that kid in the back smelled kind of funny, you had to because it was the nice thing to do.

It was more than a Hallmark holiday back then: it was a lesson about how each and every classmate mattered; it was a lesson about how each and every person needs love.

I am a lover, so I am just going to come out and say it: love makes the world go round. In a world full of hatred, and violence, a little love does a lot of healing.

It is hard not to love every single person on this planet knowing that their existence makes your existence possible.

I’m going to cut it out here before I get too sentimental…

All I ask for, during this season of love, is for everyone to show kindness and appreciation for everyone you may come across during your days: that lady who takes a few seconds out of her day to hold the door open for you because you have your hands full; that fella who takes a second to help you figure out how the printer at the library works. Say “thank you” and wish them a good day… They’ve taken seconds from their day for you; you should return the favor.

As for this Valentine’s day, I wish you all luck, love, and warmth.

As always, create something beautiful today,

Signature: Lee-Ann

"Oh, My Darling" note, surrounded by red hearts

p.s. I’ve made Valentine’s Day easy for you: no need to come up with the right words this year! Check out my Etsy store, WildConceptions, for small crocheted hearts: they are perfect for your office-mates, team-mates, club-mates or partner (hint, hint: Winky-Face). They are sweet, soft, and they are a little token of your heart. These people matter to you: c’mon, they fax your documents, pass you the ball, or help you on your current project. All-natural cotton, handmade with love, from WildConceptions.


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