Playing Catch-up

featured- catching-upSO, to say  I’ve been busy  would be an understatement… But, you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

At the end of October, I took two weeks away from all of my commitments to travel, to attend a conference and to visit with family. It was a much-needed vacation; I relaxed, pondered my options and considered the next phase in my life. I returned home to a mountain of work, with a new inspirational drive.

In a nutshell, this is what I have been up to:

(WARNING: I am going to get very linky!)

  • I’ve built my own Etsy store to sell my hand-made things. WildConceptions has been a dream for a while. I’ve read about using Etsy, and have dreamt about selling my things (as you can see in this post), but apprehension had always gotten the best of me. So, last week I bit the bullet. I created a store and posted some items. I have so many ideas for things to create, and so many more items to add to my digital shelf. Visit my Etsy store, or contact me if you would like to request a personally made item. 

    Visit my Etsy Shop, WildConceptions, to view all of my knits for sale!

    Visit my Etsy Shop, WildConceptions, to view all of my knits for sale!

Visit my shop and use the promo code “Thanks2014” for 20% off! Offer expires November 30!

  • I’ve also taken some time to outline all of my freelance services on my Services page. Take a gander and consider the projects that you have on your DREAM List, and see if there is anything I can help you with. Contact me if you need a creative hand, and send me a proposal of your project.
  • I’ve been the Assistant Art Editor for Mud Season Review for a few months now. I help to select our Featured Artist for each online edition and the artwork that accompanies all of the written work. We’re working towards a print edition to complement our online publication, and I will be helping to construct and design that endeavor. It is pretty remarkable project to be working on: in only three online issues, we have pulled over 900 submissions from around the nation and the world. We have rolling submissions, and would love to see your work! Submit here, through Submittable.
  • I’ve been working with a few local ladies to build an online women’s magazine. This sassy and classy webzine is Vermoxie. I’ve written a few articles (Emma Watson at the UN, and Occupied by Occupations) and have a recipe to be posted in the upcoming weeks. Just because we are based in Vermont doesn’t mean we are only looking for Vermont contributors: if you are a lady (or a fella, we’re welcoming to you too) with a great idea for an article or column, contact us here and pitch your idea.
  • Just a week before I left for my trip, I was nominated by the wonderful Phoenix Grey for the One Lovely Blog Award. I just wanted to say: I am so incredibly honored! In the near future, once I get back into the posting rhythm, I plan to formally accept this award. But, for now, I am so grateful to be considered and nominated for this community-driven award!
Visit my Etsy Shop, WildConceptions, to view all of my knits for sale!

Visit my Etsy Shop, WildConceptions, to view all of my knits for sale!

So. What can you expect from me in the future?

  • Regular bi-weekly postings, and occasionally postings based on my daily inspiration.
  • New items in my Etsy store, monthly.
  • I’ll be developing my freelance business, so I’ll be posting about that and updating you on all of my progress and projects.
  • Apparently, there is such thing as NaBloPoMo… WHICH I just learned about, and wish I knew about… SO, to resolve my absence from this excellent celebration of the challenge of blogging, I will be planning and hosting my own. Let me know if you want in!
  • And, of course, ART and CRAFT like no other!

In the upcoming weeks, I will be taking an HTML/CSS class through a local organization, and I am so excited to take this blog to the next level, and to create a professional webpage for myself and my services.

I want to thank you all for hanging on during my hiatus. I am so excited to jump back into the blogging world!

As always, create something beautiful today,


**PHOTO CREDIT: Thank you -JAAX- for being my photographer for this post, and for the use of these images on ETSY. (When you get a website, I’ll link you here) You Rock!**

Thank you for visiting JustBeCreativity!

Make sure to check out my complete list of Services.

Visit my Etsy shop, WildConceptions, for my consciously-created, handmade items.

Click on the images below.

Visit my Photography Shop to add some color to your favorite room.

Click on the image below.


2 thoughts on “Playing Catch-up

    • Ohh Gosh! Shame on me…

      Announcement: Hey all! Photo credit goes to the wonderfully talented -JAAX-! You’ll hear about him soon, he is brewing up some really great creative projects.

      [Don’t worry, -JAAX-, I’ll put you into the post too!]


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