The Beast and Me.

It has been quite a while since my last post — I’ve never been one to take the time to talk about myself, so it has been hard to get into the swing of it. I’m more of a ‘constant-inner-monologue’ kind of person…

This post is mainly just an experiment: I’ve downloaded the WordPress app in hopes of it spurring some on-the-go publishing efforts. On the occasions that I am most excited about an idea, it seems that I am furthest from my camera or computer. Now the whole WordPress Word is at my thumb-tips.

Lately I’ve been wrestling with my sewing machine. My old clunker — which I have dubbed The Beast — certainly has a mind of her own, and certainly has her own creative spin on things. My most recent patchwork is that of a backpack constructed from an old pair of overalls. I consider it a success, but I realized after-the-fact how great this project would have been as a tutorial… So, my apologies to all the curiously creative minds out there. This project was just an experiment anyways, like everything else I seem to make. I assure you, I will be doing this project again and I will take ample images to guide you through making your own.

To honor The Beast, please enjoy the associated image. I think she is quite stunning in digital form. (Chuckle.)


So, like I said, this post is just an experiment to see how things work on this new app… We’ll see how it turns out…

I welcome, and would appreciate, any advice about how this process works for you. How do you all, out there in the WordPress Universe, post on-the-go? How do you sustain momentum within this crazy, wild world?

Keep creating, in all the wonderful ways you do.

Lemon :D


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