My Simple, Year-Long Scarf Project.

SImple Cowl. Hand-Me-Down Yarn from Grandma. (Thank you!)

SImple Scarf.
Hand-Me-Down Yarn.

My inspiration comes in waves: I’ll be psyched to start a fabric project, half-way through I’ll decide a knitted something would match perfectly, then I’ll drop everything to paint my fingernails a dark color.

These waves of inspiration can get frustrating, especially when a simple project can take months, or even years.

To get an idea of what I am talking about: I have a green corduroy vest half-sewn because I was sick of pricking my fingers with the pins (started in early 2012). I have two canvasses with base-paint because I started one with an idea, and in the process generated an idea for the other (both toned about five months ago, and not touched since). My partner has one-and-a-half knitted socks because the second heel was too daunting to approach (the completed pair was supposed to be a Christmas present in 2011).

Whenever I take on a project, it tends to give me inspiration and steam to start another.

I began the infinity scarf in the accompanying photographs about a year ago. The yarn was a left over skein that my grandmother had acquired from someone. I received it (and much more) from her because her stash was overwhelming, which in turn made my stash overwhelming. When I first saw it, I loved the color. The fibers themselves feel like a warm natural wool, but not so scratchy. I began the project last autumn — not to get confused with this past autumn — in preparation for the following winter… because apparently I thought I would finish it by then.

I worked a simple knit and purl repetition on a circular needle. I remember seeing a pattern somewhere that spurred the idea, but I remember that my yarn was too thin and I didn’t have the right needles to match the specs, so I winged it — as usual. I started my project, then I put it down. Picked it up again, and put it down. Eventually, a year later, my yarn supply ran short. I completed my last row and bound ‘er off.

In the end, I wish I had a little more yarn to make the scarf a little bit wider. The many different occasions I returned to this project (and the fact that I seem unable to decide if I like the continental style of knitting or the English style better) resulted in some sections to be loose, some to be tight, and some to be just screwy, but I have come to love the thrown-together quality. Although this scarf spent the majority of its life at the bottom of my projects-in-progress box, I’ve discovered that great things are worth the wait.

(Like this post, because, really, I wrote it and saved it as a draft mid-November.)


SImple Cowl. Hand-Me-Down Yarn from Grandma. (Thank you!)

SImple Scarf.
Hand-Me-Down Yarn.


6 thoughts on “My Simple, Year-Long Scarf Project.

  1. We must be kindred spirits… I have a kind of hiccough when it comes to projects around the house as well as crafts. I have all the supplies to teach myself how to bead, but I’ve used the tools on my daughter’s art projects instead. I hope 2014 is THE year for me to finish something cool that I’ve started.

    • Inspiration and motivation are certainly separate beasts! That’s why one of my many goals for this year is to become more regular in my crafting, to set myself personal deadlines, and to create regardless of actually wanting to.
      A little push never hurts.
      Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are successful in your postcard project — I think it is a spectacular idea! P.S. Have you ever heard of Post Secret? Look it up — it might provide you a little inspiration and motivation if you ever find yourself stuck!

      • I just found Post Secret the other day! Yes, I can imagine getting stuck and running out of ideas. Goals this year include maintaining separate schedules for blogging and crafting. Sometimes crafting is just for me, not for the world. Have a fabulous year!

  2. thanks for visiting… I popped over and enjoyed this post… omyGosh on the unfinished projects… just this week I was contemplating for the umpteenth time… shall I just gather all those dusty, dirty mosaic supllies and sell the darn things to someone who will use them.. and make a little space for… the rest of our junk. the hoarder gene.. has been passed down along with a fierce love of all things creative
    Denise xo

    • Haha yes! I tend to keep everything, thinking that I could use it… someday… to make something great. Then I stash it in one of my many art-supply-hiding-places throughout my apartment, and forget about it. A year later, I come across that thing, and rethink “Hey, I could use this…someday…to make something great!”
      It never ends!
      Thank you for stopping by, best of luck harnessing your creativity!

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