Have a Little Heart

Have a Little Heart

Valentine’s Day was more fun back in grade school — I liked to prepare Valentines for my classmates (and, of course, I gave the COOLEST one to my best friend), and I like to get them in return. It was mandatory for each student to give one to every classmate — even if you were fighting with whats-her-face and that kid in the back smelled kind of funny, you had to because it was the nice thing to do.


Recipes, Baby Socks, and Quite a Bit of Code…

I don’t have to tell any of you that December is the busiest time of year — we’re all feeling the physical strain and mental stretch. Despite the busy-ness, I still found the time to work on a few new endeavors.

My Simple, Year-Long Scarf Project.

My inspiration comes in waves: I’ll be psyched to start a fabric project, half-way through I’ll decide a knitted something would match perfectly, then I’ll drop everything to paint my fingernails a dark color. These waves of inspiration can get frustrating, especially when a simple project can take months, or even years. To get an…