New Page: Mission

I have published my mission!

…and created a page about it.

After this, I swear I’ll start blogging about something a little more pertinent to the purpose, rather than updates on my blog status… but, then again, isn’t the process of creating this blog the first step within my mission?

Content published on my new page, Mission:

I feel that my creativity has been put on the back burner for too long. So, as a remedy, I developed this blog to track my own path to increasing my creative development.

My name is Lee-Ann, and I am a recent graduate of Fine Art (with a focus in Photography) and Communications (with a focus in Journalism). After graduating this past May, one would think I would be a ball of creative energy.

The case, not so. 

I moved to Burlington, Vermont in August with my partner. I had hoped to get a meaningless job to pay the rent and chip away at my college loans. I hoped to spend my free time in a culture-rich city, making art and making connections. I hoped to develop myself into a creative freelance individual with a portfolio and plans for a spectacular future.

Again, the case, not quite so.

All I have managed to show for the past five months is a spectacular apartment (no regrets), a pretty stable bank account (financial security is very nice), and a wondrous record of paying my bills on time (my father must be so proud)… But ultimately, no art. Not one piece of intellectual scribery…

I’ll admit that, perhaps, that last part was a bit of an exaggeration. I have created some, but apparently not enough to soothe my insatiability.

It being just after the turn of the new year, I frustratingly realize that THIS is not IT, and everything that I have been doing for the past half-year has been amid a work-a-holic daze. My lack of creation is literally killing me.

I’ve realized that creation comes in waves for me, and the medium fluctuates. I have also realized that creation is what I enjoy most, and that I need to bring it from the back burner to the front. Too often have I let my laziness determine that ‘I will start that project tomorrow.’ This is what I enjoy, and I should not be shrugging it off in favor of something meaningless… like my meaningless job at the local eatery.

The winter is the slow season at my place of employment. Unfortunately, it also seems to be when creative markets and art culture begins to slow as well. So to you, the lovely people of the inter-web, I turn to share my creative endeavors.

I welcome all comments. I welcome all tips. Most of all, I welcome all challenges — within reason.



2 thoughts on “New Page: Mission

  1. Believe it or not, many of us went through the same process. My only tip is …. you can’t force creativity… every time I try, my picts suffer. Then again I also have a day job that keeps the pressure off at times :-)

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