Have a Little Heart

Have a Little Heart

Valentine’s Day was more fun back in grade school — I liked to prepare Valentines for my classmates (and, of course, I gave the COOLEST one to my best friend), and I like to get them in return. It was mandatory for each student to give one to every classmate — even if you were fighting with whats-her-face and that kid in the back smelled kind of funny, you had to because it was the nice thing to do.

Coffe, camera, and a notebook.

Stop, Drop, and Be Grateful

I don’t think I’ve ever really made a New Year’s resolution — other than the typical “eat healthier” and “exercise more” standards, with a possible “be you, fiercely” thrown in. What makes this year different, you ask? Well, I’ll answer you: because I made my resolution before the idea of making a resolution even sparked.

Cricket on a Sunflower; bug on a flower.

The Small Things…

It has been a busy couple of weeks… I’m taking on projects like a leaky skiff in high seas — but the ride is too much fun to turn back to shore. I keep telling myself that I have to learn how to say ‘NO’ when it comes to payment-free projects, but I can’t help but get swept away by…