Funky Ostrich.

One of my most recent sketches. A representation of THIS NatGeo image. I was impressed by the ostrich’s outrageous expression and had to sketch it.


Above is a representation of my friend Mary from college. I worked from a portrait I took of her for an assignment for photography class a year or so ago. She was one of my favorite subjects to photograph. Mary is a bubbly girl who grew up in Kenya, who often wore traditional African dress.…


Seed of Insight.

This image just kind of happened. I wanted to work on facial contour and simple shading… But then I planted a sunflower in her head: how one seed of an idea can grow into something beautiful.

A Bit of Drawing.

I have been creating in small amounts lately. I picked up my pencils for the first time in a long time when I drew myself earlier this month. After resigning these instruments to a long hibernation, I wasn’t quite sure how I would handle them again. I never really liked drawing in the first place,…