Fall Bloom.

Autumn has always been the season that makes me feel most alive. Maybe it is the foliage, the cool winds, or maybe because I am a Halloween-eve child; whatever it is, it makes me introspective and prompts me to live a bit more passionately. Despite my appreciation, I do not recall ever noticing autumn flowers…

Mulate's in New Orleans. We are frogs legs, aligator sausage, and chased it down with some local, cold beer. Panorama image.

Mulate’s. The best frog legs in town!

… Not that I am a frog leg enthusiast, or anything. I was ambitiously awaiting my Cajun Sampler plate filled with bits and pieces of fried goodness. Admiring the pillars, beams, checkered tablecloths and spinning ceiling fans that made up the New Orleans restaurant, I decided that the scene would make a GREAT panorama. It…

Yellow Daisies.

I enjoy taking photographs, but I hate the post production. I probably have a million photos (not an exaggeration), but only a fraction of those have I revisited to actually do something with. Well, this is a shot I forgot about. Enjoy :D