Illustrations of Nothing.

A blank page is a multitude of things. It is a fresh start. It is a daunting, empty vessel with no direction. It is an opportunity ready to be seized. It is an illusion of an unknown result. It is a story waiting to be written.

Green Screen.

This was probably my most introspective and contemplative project so far, in my entire lifetime. I began ripping up newsprint. In reading fragments and phrases, incomplete thoughts and statements began to blend together. I started at the upper left and headed to the right, following the natural instinct of one trying to read. I turned…


Action Enlightened.

Above is a photocopy transfer with acrylic medium. I read about this super-cool technique and was fascinated. I cut up a few images from some old photocopied readings from college, and attempted the transfer onto a small canvas board covered in acrylic color. I absolutely love what resulted. Everything just came together perfectly. This is…