Yellow Daisies.

I enjoy taking photographs, but I hate the post production. I probably have a million photos (not an exaggeration), but only a fraction of those have I revisited to actually do something with. Well, this is a shot I forgot about. Enjoy :D

Action Enlightened.

Above is a photocopy transfer with acrylic medium. I read about this super-cool technique and was fascinated. I cut up a few images from some old photocopied readings from college, and attempted the transfer onto a small canvas board covered in acrylic color. I absolutely love what resulted. Everything just came together perfectly. This is…

Blue and Red Tree.

I’ve come to find that representing nature is challenging — I never seem to get the curves, stems, and connectivity of branches just right. Try and try again, what I produce is just not like the plant right in front of me. I decided that I would just create my own tree. It’s a bit…

Funky Ostrich.

One of my most recent sketches. A representation of THIS NatGeo image. I was impressed by the ostrich’s outrageous expression and had to sketch it.

What is Art?

I have discovered that I don’t really know how to create. …That may seem a bit sudden and skittish, considering I developed this blog just a few days ago to trace my path towards creation and haven’t actually done anything yet. Let me assure you, all is right in my path! Personal reflection is the…